whenever you accept prompts again: steve/bucky grinding while hella drunk. thats it thats the prompt.



(I’m sorry for what’s about to happen here)

"Oh my God," Bucky says, words slurring a bit, "Oh my God.”

"Right?" says Steve, well and truly smashed on some sort of Asgardian something that Thor brought.  "S’crazy, isn’t it?"

"And you just," Bucky says, gesturing wildly, almost taking out a lamp with his metal arm.  "And then just - and you - and that’s it?

"Yeah!" Steve says.  He hauls Bucky along behind him.  "C’mon, c’mon I gotta - you’re gonna love this, I swear, it’s the best part of the future.  The best part.

An hour later, Tony walks into the living room and asks, “Why does it smell like coffee in here?”

The other Avengers all point wordlessly towards the kitchen.  Tony, hesitating for a minute, walks in to find Steve and Bucky laughing to the point of near incoherency, surrounded by what’s got to be at least twelve pounds of ground coffee beans.

"Oh my God," Bucky says, pressing the button.  The electric coffee grinder rumbled to life, whirring as it shredded the beans to powder.  "Steve, oh my God.

"Right?" Steve says, waving his arms.  "Right?”

I maintain that this is the pinnacle of my fandom contributions.

queer!spn meme: team free will + tumblr text posts (insp.)

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Let’s face it, if Marvel owned Wonder Woman she’d have two movies by now.

Yeah, just like Black Widow and Captain Marvel right ? :)

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I’ve always been a history lover. I’ve spent a lot of recreational time walking around historical castles and estates, in Britain and Europe, and so I know what the real thing looks like.

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The white person at the end of the scary movie

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clap your hands if you’re bisexual, asexual, or any other sexual and get erased by both the heterosexual and homosexual community

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people who are full of hate and negativity r exhausting to be around wtf go play with a dog

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real talk tangled is better than frozen 

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